The internet is a vast space for business opportunities, but it is also a hub of fraudsters, hackers, and antivirus sowers. With a growing business or online presence, it just a right decision to choose to be guarded with an effective antivirus.

We represent and co-brand Webroot Antivirus that is a silent killer for any malicious files or entry. It is easy to use and we can give you full assistance as we are managing it on our end.

Webroot will give you real-time protection from phishing that is targeting to steal your files and personal information. It works as you browse the web so you have no worries about which links you should only open. We will guarantee your protection as we give a 70-day protection with a refund once we fail to deliver as we promise.

If you want cloud safety in a zap, then Webroot is the right antivirus for you. It installs in a snap and scans faster than another antivirus.

Cybercrime predates in anyone who had a credible online presence and the last thing you would imagine is you being a victim of cyber theft and ransomware.

Webroot will protect your passwords and login details, social media accounts, banking transactions, shopping and surfing, and credit card data and other personal information.

Webroot’s cloud-based servers will protect your computer through its giant database of good and bad programs. This antivirus will scour your system and will leave programs if those look legitimate, but if it looks suspicious, Webroot will wipe it clean of traces.

You might think that it’s a black and white system when it comes to Webroot. But what is interesting with this is that when it encounters unknown programs, it will ping the HQ with a detailed telemetry for analysis and keeps an eye to that program.

Not until the database notifies Webroot that the program is legitimate, it will be until probation and close watch of the antivirus.

The installer of Webroot antivirus is just less than a megabyte, truly lightweight and does not eat much of your computer’s space.Once installed, Webroot just takes 3-4 minutes to scan your computer. A big time saver compared to the 45 minutes that other antivirus takes.

Webroot is not a complacent antivirus. It will run a second or third scan to make sure that it will not miss any possible threat.

Aside from being a watchman for bad files, Webroot also takes a close look at dangerous websites. It runs in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer and keeps track to make sure that you are not accessing dangerous files.

You will see that Webroot’s has the busiest interface among antiviruses as it wants to give all the data needed for complete security. What makes Webroot different from other antiviruses is that it has its database on the cloud instead of your computer.

Also, Webroot is named as the Best Software Products for IT Teams in 2017 by G2 Crowd and the antivirus is lauded for its integrity and customer focus.


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