“Webroot, schrebroot. Randy, that’s all you talk about lately!”

Yes, well, when I find a product that really works, I try hard to make sure it fits a real need. I’ll tell you why I love Webroot on Windows and Mac computers:

In June of 2015 an associate mentioned he liked Webroot Antivirus and suggested I try it. I downloaded a trial version and installed it on my laptop computer. I had just removed [censored- no longer recommended] and I needed a good Antivirus program. I copied the installation to a flash drive thinking I’d take it home and install it on a few computers there. As things happen, I got busy and forgot about it until a few days later. I noticed my computer wasn’t nagging me about this risk, or that error… Webroot was just quietly doing its business. I checked the log file and found that Webroot had removed 7 malware programs and fixed 3 registry vulnerabilities! I hadn’t even noticed.

The next day an associate brought me a computer; “My son can’t even use this thing, can you figure out what the problem is?” – I thought I’d boot it up and see what happened. First, Windows 7 took about 20 minutes just to boot, then every time I tried to open a browser three more windows opened with advertising, warnings, and even threats of data loss. I knew they were fake warnings, but I couldn’t close them fast enough. CleanUpMYPC, RegistryCleaner, SpeedUpMyPC, TechSupportHero… just to name a few, had kept the computer so busy it was useless. I couldn’t even connect to the internet to download my favorite diagnostics tools. I managed to get in to Task Manager and close all the browser windows, but nothing worked. Then I remembered Webroot.

Webroot just happened to be handy on a flash drive, so I popped in the flash drive, ran the executable, and waited. Nothing happened… so I thought. I had to run off to an appointment so I left the computer running. I managed to get in to Power Settings and turn off Sleep mode, then left for the day.

The next morning I found a whole different computer on my desk! Well, it was physically the same system, but it looked different. A little windows prompting me to reboot was on the screen, and after the reboot everything worked. Google Chrome had a new Webroot extension, all the malware was gone – cleaned up. Internet access worked great and no pop-ups, ads or annoying warnings. SOLD.

I scanned through the history and found that over 700 issues had been cleaned up! Malware – GONE. Viruses – GONE. Browsers – now SECURED.

Oh, I did one more thing afterward. I had to remove Norton Internet Security.

Which Antivirus, Anti-malware and Security tool would you use now?!


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