Improve your On-Line Image

Your email address says a lot about you.

If you are in business and trying to promote the stability and longevity of your reputation you need to have an email address that up-holds your image. What do you think of this:

Cute? Yes, but not for anyone interested in establishing confidence in a business relationship, and especially not appropriate for an attorney or other professional. I’ve actually seen an email address similar to this on an attorney’s business card!

For $5 or $10 a month you can setup a website, email address and create an image worthy of your business. (I pay about $8/month for this website and email addresses).  If you don’t feel technically capable, add a couple hundred dollars to have a quick website setup for you. Even if you stick with one of the “free” email services, pick a name that says who you are:

Remember, your contacts may never visit your website, but your email address is always visible.