How to choose a strong password:

This video shows an EXCELLENT way to choose a strong password. DO IT!

Sophos’s Graham Cluley explains a simple way of creating a complex hard-to-guess password – and how you should never use the same password on different sensitive websites.

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Sample Passwords using the Sophos method:

Il2ps-du2 = I love to play soccer, do you 2

EdIgs@cc4p = Every day I go shopping at Costco for pizza

M&Depp4bf = Mom and Dad eat pumpkin pie for breakfast


Notice they are all 8 characters or more, use upper and lower case, plus a number and special character. THESE passwords are EASY to remember but DIFFICULT to hack. But you hate to have a different password for every website? Try this tip:

Let’s say you choose Il2ps-du2 as your main password, but to make it unique for every website add at least two characters at the beginning or end. So for Chase Bank password you might use CBIl2ps-du2. Or for Google you might use G-Il2ps-du2.


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