CCleaner is a popular tool for cleaning the PCs, run by a subsidiary of anti-virus giant Avast, which claims to protect the privacy of the users and makes the computer more secure and faster, rectifying the problems that involve slowing down of a computer by cleaning up the files, the cleaning includes browser history and cookies, also disabling of the unneeded programs is performed by CCleaner.

But the question is what went wrong? The users of this application were told to update the software immediately it was after the research team discovered that hackers had installed a backdoor in the tool,   the infected application allows the download of more malware, be it keyloggers or ransomware, with the fear that millions are affected. Though it was discovered that CCleaner’s was hacked and the security flaw was incorporated by installing a backdoor, though Avast advised the users not to panic, the solution to this crisis situation was to update this Windows app to a version that did not contain the backdoor. This malware sent the encrypted information which included the name of the computer, a list of software installed, and the running processes to the hackers. It’s not very clear what the hackers wanted to do with the information. This is in fact a serious incident with 2.27 million users being infected by the malware making it a major security breach. 

Though there’s no way of knowing what the hackers may have used the backdoor for but the good news is that the  all that the users need to do is  to stay safe and update their CCleaner installation to the latest version available. Users should also monitor their online banking and accounts for suspicious activity, just to stay safe, with the increase in security breaches users should be more active and cautious of their cyber security in order to shield themselves from from the malicious hackers waiting for an opportunity to pounce on their prey. Such incidents make the researchers more and more aware of situations they might face in coming future.

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