Good Customer Service is Easy!

Yes, it is true. Good customer service is very easy to give. At least it is for me when someone else has done such a poor job before I arrive. Here are some elements of poor customer service I had related to me today:

  1. Charging for services that weren’t provided (“That’s just part of the monthly service fee”)
  2. Charging too much (“Oh yeah, there’s a $90 onsite fee I forgot to tell you about”)
  3. Showing up late, or not at all
  4. Not responding to requests for help, or no follow up
  5. Not fully communicating the service you offered to the client

Luckily this was after I had:

  1. Showed up on time… actually, 5 minutes early
  2. Charged farily for actual time worked
  3. Explained the work as I was performing it
  4. Promptly responded to requests for help
  5. Listened to the client and tried to understand their needs and interests
  6. Followed up and continued communication.

Okay, so I’m tooting my own horn a bit. But really – how hard is it!? The results of poor service are simple; loss of clients, loss of $$. Don’t tell the other guy.

And this is the icing on the cake: The previous IT dude had sold the client an external hard drive for backup, he nicely setup the scheduled backup, then left. They asked me to check to make sure the backup was working… Um, nope, not at all. No data stored on the drive… it’s, well, empty, blank, brand new, never been used. Hmm, the external hard drive power switch was off. Not ONE backup had been successful after several MONTHS. Go figure.

No follow up. No more business.