FREE Training

Are you looking to improve your computer skills? Like to do it for FREE? Sure, there are tons of ways to get training, but few are just down-right FREE. As you can tell by now, I love FREE stuff. The Internet provides a great way to get (and deliver) stuff for free.

For example,take a look at a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching you stuff for free. With over 200 free tutorials you’ll find something that interests you in improving your computer skills, time management, or just organizing your desk (oops, I need that one!).

imageGot a beef with a co-worker? Try the “Resolving Workplace Conflict” lesson.

Just found out you need to do a daily report in Excel? Try the Excel lesson under Computer Training.

Some of the lessons are pretty basic, but they cover sound principals and provide you with a solid background on the topic. Plus, when you take the lesson online, it is easy to skip over the areas you already know.

Give a try and let me know how it works for you? Did you find the class fee acceptable? ;o)