CrashPlan Pro Managed Backups

Data security should be a top priority for small and large businesses. The cloud is a vast space and you will never know when hackers come lurking in, targeting your valued files.

Having an agreement with a first-tier data center, we manage to come up with a huge unused storage space in the cloud. All of our data centers had complied with the highest standards that are only the best for cooling, protection symptoms, and power redundancy.

A CrashPlan Pro will ensure that you are safe on the cloud by using 448-bit Blowfish encryption. In this process, your files will be encrypted even before it step out of your computer. Through this, hackers will have a hard time accessing your files.

Also, CrashPlan Pro backs up changes in your files every single minute and is your 24/7 eye for all the changes that happen on your cloud property. You can also customize your backup sets depending on your needs and requirements. You can have a group of files sent to different locations and with different backup settings.

Aside from managing your own backup preferences, you can also manage it for other users. You can personally select which files you want to be backed up from those that you don’t want to. You can see the real-time status of your actions and system changes for your computer backups and activities. In turn, you will also receive reports on your backup health, storage, and other actions.

Your files will be backed up in high-standard drives that have great power and system redundancy and you will also receive updates for new releases.

All your files will be ultimately guarded without compromising its availability. You are sure that your files are under data policy compliance.

Instead of having a bulk backup activity once or twice a day, you can have it continuously in every single item real time. As there are files that might be missed, your CrashPlan Pro will conduct a disk scan for things that might have overlooked.

Your backup integrity will be checked regularly by your software. CrashPlan Pro minimizes the use of your CPU and network assets so you can use it on other activities.

CrashPlan Pro’s speed and performance are excellent as well as its online backup features. The software is easy-to-use and offers local backup services. They cater both home and business use.

This software supports iOS, Android, and Windows Phone and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The great deal with this is that CrashPlan Pro gives refunds for any unused service per month.

It has an unlimited backup capability and you can save more money if you are going to enroll more computers. In this digitally-ruled world, it is just necessary to protect your valued assets.

The use of CrashPlan Pro is not just limited for evading hackers, but also to natural disasters and accidents that may damage your computer and your files. Coffee spills, damaged hardware, and others – you just can’t be complacent.