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Security ONE

Protect 1 Computer $19.95/mo

Antivirus isn't enough! Security ONE includes Software Updates, Anti-Malware, Remote Management, Patch Management, Failure Alerts, and...  yes - Antivirus.

Security THREE

3 Computers $24.95/mo

All the features of Security ONE for a small business or home with THREE computers.

Security FIVE 

Protect FIVE PCs $39.99/mo
+ ONE File Server $29.99/mo
+ Cloud Backup $19.95/mo

Total Package: $89.97 /mo
All the features of the others, plus Unlimited cloud backup for FIVE computers and a File Server. Great for a small businesses with a file server.

Security Options +

Server Security $29.99/mo
Cloud Backup $19.95 /mo

+ Protect ONE File Server $29.99/mo
+ Cloud Backup $19.95/mo

Same protection as Security ONE for a file server $29.99, plus 24/7 monitoring and alerting.
Unlimited cloud backup for up to 10 computers or file servers.

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Sign Up Above. Quick, Easy, No commitment. No credit card.

Antivirus is NOT enough. Burgoyne Computers offers enterprise level security to the typical computer user. Burgoyne Security Packages all include:
1) Software and Operating System Updates and Security Patches
2) Remote Management and Control via LogMeIn Pro
3) Antivirus management and monitoring (Webroot Antivirus)
4) Hardware monitoring and alerting - preventative maintenance
5) Anti-malware & Ransomware management and monitoring (Malwarebytes Enterprise)
6) Self-Help portal
7) Free Incidental support calls to 801-292-3382 (15 min max)

NO PAYMENT IS NEEDED TO SIGN UP. You will receive payment information after installation is complete. Burgoyne Computers technicians will have secure access to remotely manage your computers.
(Any data accessed by our technicians will remain confidential, secure, encrypted and NEVER shared with others) Complete the form below and we'll contact you within one business day.

Randy Burgoyne, Mike Argust and Kevin Ellis have over 45 years of combined experience in information technology management and business administration. Their experience includes computer support technician, computer sales & service, and supporting applications for professionals, publishers, Internet companies, and financial services companies