Remote Tune-up:

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Does your computer need a tune-up?  Don’t move; we’ll come to you – remotely. We securely use remote control software to tune-up your computer – just click here for:

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Basic Tune-up

Tune-up and Internet Filter

One Year Support and FULL service PLUS Back up!


Tune-up with up to 3 day follow up support.

Tune-up with up to 1 week follow up support PLUS Security and Internet Filter.

On-Going Tune-ups for One Year, including Managed Anti-Virus, Malware, Updates, Security and Internet Filter, etc.

Remove Unused Software

Remove Unused Software

Remove Unused Software

Malware Scan

Malware Scan

Malware Scan

Run Security Updates

Run Security Updates

Run Security Updates

Install FREE Anti-virus

Install FREE Anti-virus

Install FREE Anti-virus

2 Remote Sessions (3 days)

3 Remote Sessions (1 week)

Remote Sessions as needed

Email support (3 days) Email support (1 week) Email & Text Tech support (1 year)
Over-night service 7pm to 7am MT  Over-night service 7pm to 7am MT Over-night service 7pm to 7am MT

Install FREE BlueCoat K9 Internet Filter and Parental Controls

Install FREE BlueCoat K9 Internet Filter and Parental Controls (If applicable in your business)

One Year Monitoring Service; Anti-Virus, Malware, and up to 10 GB backup service.


Here’s How to get the Tune-Up:

  1. Go to (if you aren’t already here).
  2. Click Buy Now next to the Tune-up you select.
  3. Make the payment and be sure to enter your email address when asked.
  4. A technician will contact you within a few hours to schedule your tune up!


The Technician will direct you to do the following – or, you can do it now to save time:

  1. Go to (if you aren’t already here).
  2. Click “Instant Screen Share” and install the Simple Help program. Click Allow, Run, or accept when prompted.
  3. If you have ANY trouble along the way or have any questions please click Contact Us.
Tune-ups are offered week-day evenings Monday through Friday. Your technician will contact you via email for details. Please don’t use your computer 7PM to 7AM – the technician may log in several times during the night to check the progress of malware/virus scans, updates, etc. When finished the next morning you’ll have a message on the screen as to the status and the results of the tune-up. Check email to see if there are any instructions or further work that may be done. It often takes 2 evenings of work to complete the tune-up.
Here’s what we do:
  • Remove temp files and internet history
  • Remove un-used software, adware, and ALL tool-bars. (if you really want a tool-bar you’ll need to reinstall it after the tune-up)
  • Install or update Malwarebytes and run a scan
  • Install or update your antivirus software. If your Antivirus software subscription has expired we’ll install Microsoft Security Essentials and run a scan.
  • Run security updates on Microsoft Windows, Java, and Adobe software.
  • Install Security Software – if you have selected that option.
  • Leave a note on your screen to let you know we are finished and your computer is ready to roll!
Our One Year Managed Services provides all of the above – for a whole year! We manage your computer’s security so you won’t have to.
Q: How can we offer over-night support?
A: Our technicians typically have other day-time jobs and available evenings to provide additional services.
Guarantee: At the outside chance we can’t tune-up your computer due to a hardware issue, or a problem that requires an on-site technician we’ll give you a 10% to 50% refund of your fees paid and offer suggestions how to resolve the problem or where to take your computer for further work.

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