Webroot Security & Antivirus

Who's managing your Security & AntiVirus?! We will!  Our Managed Webroot brings up security and threat intelligence to ensure computer safety.
Current Offers:
- $2.50/mo per PC (1-20)
- $2.00/mo per PC (21-50)
- Over 50 PCs or servers, call 

CrashPlanPro Backup

Data Backup is the most basic system security system. Any business without a Data Backup plan is walking on thin ice. CrashPlanPro provides a HIPAA compliant three layer data encryption and redundancy required:
- System redundancy
- Local Backup
- Cloud Backup

Windows Security Tune-up 

For as little as $96.00 get a complete security tune-up of your Windows computer. We securely login to your computer remotely - your computer remains safely protected in your home or office. 

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Randy Burgoyne, Mike Argust and Kevin Ellis have over 45 years of combined experience in information technology management and business administration. Their experience includes computer support technician, computer sales & service, and supporting applications for professionals, publishers, Internet companies, and financial services companies