How to choose a strong password:


This video shows an EXCELLENT way to choose a strong password. DO IT! Sophos’s Graham Cluley explains a simple way of creating a complex hard-to-guess password – and how you should never use the same password on different sensitive websites. Learn more at:   Sample Passwords using the Sophos method: Il2ps-du2 = I love to play soccer, do you …Read more »

10 Things you do to slow down your computer.


1) Trying to speed up your computer can actually make it slower. If you install things like “Registry Booster”, “SpeedUpMyPC”, will SLOW your computer. They have marginal value and usually add spyware or malware. Stay away from anything that messes with your Registry! You’ll only make it worse. 2) Install Toolbars and Search Engins – Without paying attention you will …Read more »

FREE Training


Are you looking to improve your computer skills? Like to do it for FREE? Sure, there are tons of ways to get training, but few are just down-right FREE. As you can tell by now, I love FREE stuff. The Internet provides a great way to get (and deliver) stuff for free. For example,take a look at a non-profit …Read more »

Computer won’t boot!?


Virus and malware can completely disable Windows. What do you do when you get: Computer won’t boot – just a blinking cursor. Windows logo appears but the computer reboots and repeats. Windows loads but operation is SOOO terribly slow it is unusable. Everything seems to boot, but you can’t access the Internet Strange things occur like unexpected search results, different …Read more »

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